About Us

We have a 12-year experience gained in Poland and abroad of roasting coffee.

We have our own coffee roasting room and qualified employees. We specialise in high quality coffee species and blends.

We operate mainly on the Horeca market.

We import coffee directly from plantations in Africa, South America, Central America and various regions of Asia and Oceania. We cooperate with distributors from all over Europe.



the coffee

is roasted only after an order is placed. We can develop a special blend for you, your company, restaurant, etc.. You choose the degree of roasting, type of packaging and delivery times.

Coffee is our priority

Mazzini Coffee – is always the highest quality, selected fresh beans from plantations widely recognised as the best in the world.

Our highest priority is our Clients’ satisfaction. That is why we make every effort to ensure that our products are always fresh and of the highest quality.

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