Coffee Savoir Vivre
Coffee Savoir Vivre

Ways of preparing coffee have changed over the centuries, but the rules of its preparation are a matter that has remained the same for years. Here’s how to do it to avoid socializing.


Here the orders of the ordering people are governed, but usually the milk is gently heated – it does not cool the drink too quickly. When, however, summer season occurs, guests often ask for iced coffee, both milk and coffee should be cold.

The spoon

Drinking coffee with a teaspoon inside is not welcome – besides the unpretentious appearance it can be dangerous. It is also difficult to leave it on the bottom of the bottom of the saucer.

Something else to coffee?

Often mistakes made to serve coffee is to serve it with biscuits. Caffers believe that it does not allow true enjoyment of the drink, but sweet taste kills the natural bitterness of coffee. Absolutely forbidden is the “dipping” of cookies in coffee. This drink best tastes with little bitter chocolate, biscuit or bay leaves.

One more time remember about the spoon

Do not drink coffee with a teaspoon inside – it is not only unpretentious, but dangerous.
Remember that the cup is placed on the saucer, while the spoon is facing the handle to the guest, we also put on the saucer on the right. After use it should be placed on a saucer, the entire surface of it should come in contact with the dish. It is not ordinarily licking a spoon or cooling a beverage on it.

How to serve coffee?

The cup should be served on the tray and placed to the left of the guest. Note that the cup is heated, it will cause the coffee will not lose its temperature quickly.

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