Delicious and dietetic!

Does the coffee have slimming properties?

That coffee is the best way to wake up everyone knows. But can it help you lose weight?

Coffee itself is not a high calorie drink. It becomes when we add cream, sweeteners or flavored syrups to it. The cup of espresso has 1 to 3 kcal.

Coffee without additives can help accelerate fat burning and it is up to several dozen percent. Her grains contain caffeine, which is a natural burner, stimulating the body’s heat production process and thus increasing the number of calories burned. Coffee may also reduce appetite, because of elevated blood sugar levels, but this has a short-term effect. Antioxidants, phenolic compounds and nutrients contained in this drink have rejuvenating, slimming and relaxing properties.

If you like white coffee and do not want to gain weight, choose a milk with a fat content of 0.5 – 2%. It is rich in vitamins D, E, A and calcium, potassium or phosphorus.

If you prefer to sweeten coffee, choose honey that has a lower glycemic index than sweeteners or sugar. Cinnamon added to coffee can not only enhance its taste, but also has a sugar-regulating effect in the blood. Another interesting additive is cocoa, which is also an antioxidant and also lowers blood pressure.

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