Roasting process

Roasting is one of the most important stage in the process of coffee production, which ensures the right aroma, taste and colour. Unlike wine, coffee should not be stored for long, therefore it is so important that the time between roasting and serving be as short as possible. The best taste of brewed coffee is obtained from freshly roasted and ground beans. That is why freshly roasted coffee beans ground just before serving is much more expensive, but the brew is clearly more tasty and aromatic.

A long and careful roasting process allows for extracting the depth of aroma, which can be savoured at any time.

Mazzini coffee is roasted with the use of the classic method.
This method is time-consuming, but it makes it possible to obtain the best taste of coffee.

The method involves slow heating of a metal drum where green coffee beans are placed. After reaching the right temperature – about 200oC – the coffee is roasted, depending on the species, for 15-20 minutes. The entire process is supervised by an experienced sommelier, who controls all the time the temperature and the duration of roasting.

The next important factor is to cool the roasted coffee beans by letting in air and rotating them continuously. Due to this, the aroma is preserved and the beans may slowly cool.

Only freshly roasted Mazzini coffee makes it possible to preserve this extremely special full aroma that coffee gives off during brewing.

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