Professional baristas for trade fairs and conferences!

We offer comprehensive barist service of trade fairs and conferences.
The professional barista on the fair booth is very popular among visitors who are keen on stopping by the aroma of the aromatic beverage. Renting a coffee machine with a professional latte art barista is a great way to showcase your business to an even wider audience.

At your request we will rent the selected coffee machine.

Every cup of coffee prepared by our barist is a real work of art. We create not only delicious coffee, but also a great atmosphere at the fair booth! We can also invite visitors to participate in coffee preparation, betraying some of the secrets of the profession.

Such solutions make the stand come to life and are surrounded by spectators who are eager to watch what’s going on. During this time, stand staff have an open road to contact potential customers.



is a real art

The espresso effect on milk finesse is an art that demonstrates the skills and preservation of the Italian tradition of serving coffee. The art of latte art on coffee requires excellent and dense crema and well-foamed, hot milk.

Our experience in few words

Meeting the expectations of customers in year 2012 we have created a department dealing with network and traditional markets. The culmination of our activities is the Mazzini coffee and the expanding distribution on the Polish market. Our brand awareness and aromatic grains are built by organization of coffee tasting throughout Poland.

Number of tastings
Kilograms of burned beans
Number of brewed coffee during tasting
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