How to extract the aroma of coffee? Use a coffee maker!

Aromatic coffee is obtained from freshly ground beans, preferably before preparation. If you grind grain less often on store – store it in the refrigerator. Such a patent will allow you to keep the freshness and aroma of coffee for a week or even two.

Why is it that the cafeteria enjoys great popularity among gourmets and baristas? It brings out the delicious, as well as the aromatic essence without a great deal of time, financial or technical skills. Also known as cafeteria, the cafeteria is a pleasant to use and extremely simple device. It consists of several components made of stainless steel or aluminum.

It is best to choose coffee beans that are characterized by high sweetness (we recommend Dolce Crema grains and Caffe Brasil Santos). Because of the high temperature that coffee is brewed in the coffee maker, the resulting essence often has a bitter aftertaste. Choosing the right sweet grains is the best way to avoid them. The coffee soaked in the strainer must be well milled, less so than the overflow machine. Get Ready!

Include water, preferably filtered or boiled, which will not contribute to the formation of deposits on the inner walls of the bottom. Pour water to the height of the valve, to the sieve of the freshly ground grains of your favorite coffee, preferably to full. Finger clean the edges of the strainer to get rid of coffee particles. The last stage of preparation of the stimulant is to tighten the top of the coffee machine to the bottom. Put the whole on the burner and turn the medium flame off. For electric cookers set to 4 in scale. After 3-4 minutes, magic and coffee are poured into the upper reservoir.

At the moment you hear bubbling, the coffee machine should be removed from the burner. Now for the most pleasant part of the whole process – Pour the coffee into your favorite cup or cup, dilute with a hint of water and add as you like.

If you want your cafeteria to serve you for a long time, do not use any liquid or dishwashing liquid to clean it. Just rinse with water. Take care of her, and you will be rewarded with delicious coffee!

It may be faster and easier to actually flood the ground coffee with boiling water or place the capsule in the espresso machine and press one magic button, but is it worth getting some more time to get better taste and enjoyment? 🙂

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